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Our laboratory is equipment with state to art equipments for calorimetric and nanosintering studies in nanosized systems at high temperatures, intermediate temperatures, and room temperature. The lab is a partner of the Peter A. Rock Thermochemistry Laboratory, such that the instruments in Kemper Hall facility are used in addition to those of the Peter A. Rock Lab. Castro's team also makes extensive usage of Spark Plasma Sintering and High Resolution Eletron Microscopy in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science.
Job Opportunities
In Professor Castro’s laboratory one will find opportunities for postdoctoral, undergraduate work, and Ph.D. work involving calorimetry of nanosintering, radiation tolerance of nanoceramics, as well as studies in nanocomposites. Postdoctoral scholars must have a background in experimental work in solid state chemistry or physics, ceramics, materials science, mineralogy, or related field and significant knowledge in thermodynamics and inorganic crystal chemistry. Ph.D. students can come from any of the above mentioned disciplines and must meet the entrance requirements of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at UC Davis. Prospective postdocs should send a CV; prospective graduate students a short description of background and interests to Professor Castro. Because of the constant turnover of people and funding, we can not predict when we will have an opening in any particular project. We therefore encourage outstanding applications at any time, but that does not mean that we always have openings immediately. If you have your own funding, please note this in your letter as it increases chances of joining us.
Undergraduate Opportunities
If you're a UC Davis undergraduate student and is willing to became a part of our team, email Prof. Castro for opportunities. We encourage students to become first volunteers, and after a or two quarter we can either set credit units for research or put you in the payroll$$.
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Peter A. Rock Thermochemistry Laboratory Our group is a part of this unique laboratory, check the website!
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Department.
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